Alaynah Chatman, MSW

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Alaynah Chatman, MSW

Clinical Therapist

Phone: 312.525.8887 Ext. 3

Email: Alaynah@EncircleW.com
Preferred Pronouns: she/her

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Areas of Speciality

Everyone deserves to be able to express themselves completely. And, while taking the initial step toward obtaining counseling might be intimidating, you’ll soon find that therapy provides a secure and supportive environment in which you may share your ideas, feelings, and worries without fear of judgment. Our therapeutic alliance may be a helpful source of support, affirmation, and advice during your therapy journey. Everyone deserves a place like this. You deserve a place like this.

As your therapist, I strive to establish an environment in which you feel comfortable and safe to discuss your problems. I am empathetic, welcoming, compassionate, and aware of the difficulties that life may bring. We can foster a sense of safety, acceptance, and connection while also establishing a space of support and healing by forming a collaborative link with one another, and through a range of strategies.

I am deeply committed to the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities. I emphasize meeting you where you are and working together to overcome any obstacles you may have. You can always be your authentic self with me. The work we do together may include CBT, ACT, anxiety, and depression, as well as incorporating a mindfulness lifestyle. Please feel free to contact me for a complimentary in-person, phone, or video consultation.

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