Sometimes, we get so nervous about something that we begin to experience feelings of anxiety. It might be work, a to do list item (or never-ending to do list), relationship unrest, or the COVID-19 pandemic that contributes to our anxiety; however, it is not necessarily a bad thing to experience anxiety. Anxiety can alert us when we are facing danger and propel us into the fight or flight mode. Anxiety can lead us to act, setting us into motion.

Occasionally, anxiety can take a debilitating role in our lives. It can be paralyzing. Anxiety can lead us into a period of stagnation in life and can cause overall functioning difficulties. Anxiety often comes in the form of intense and excessive worry about everyday events. Subsequently, this worry can lead us into a spiral. Anxiety symptoms that are often reported include insomnia, being fidgetytensionnauseashortness of breath, and heart palpitations.

At times, symptoms of anxiety culminate into what is referred to as a panic attack. Panic attacks cause feelings of intense fear or terror and can reach a peak point within minutes. These attacks may lead one to worry about them arising again and may cause someone to avoid situations in which they have occurred. Some find themselves presenting to the ER during a first panic attack due to feeling like they may be suffering with a cardiac problem. Upon work up, they may be told that they are experiencing a panic attack and are encouraged to seek professional help. We can help. We can help you explore these feelings of anxiety, or causes of panic attacks if you’re experiencing them, and provide skills to help reduce the symptoms. We can help you gain a better idea of where these feelings of anxiety are coming from, and how to best manage them.

There are different types of anxiety challenges that people face. There is what is referred to as Generalized Anxiety, which involves persistent and excessive worry, often about every day, routine events. Other common types of anxiety disorders include Social Anxiety, Agoraphobia or Panic Disorder. No matter the type of anxiety disorder experienced, it is important to know that you are not aloneMany people experience anxiety disorders and share a common experience.

It is further relieving to know that anxiety responds well to treatment. At Encircle, we can offer you the necessary support to take control of your anxiety. We can assist you in developing a better understanding of what is causing your anxiety. We can help you to learn how to best manage it so that it plays a less prevalent role in your life.

Our therapists are highly skilled in treating anxiety. They will join with you in a calm and comforting manner and will support you in identifying your symptoms as well as your noted triggers. Together, we will work to increase your distress tolerance level. Our therapists will assess your skillset and will support you in developing anxiety coping skills to add to your toolbox. You may be taught mindfulness skills, healthy lifestyle practices, and breathing exercises. Our therapists will offer you necessary support to help you to begin to feel like yourself again. They will assist you in taking control of your anxiety and find a returned sense of peace and calm in your day-to-day. Contact us for an initial appointment or complimentary consultation below.

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