What is Social Exclusion? This is anything from feeling socially awkwardfeeling you don’t fit into groups of other people, having social anxiety in crowds, or anything you feel might be related to that. This could be something you’ve experienced your whole life, or maybe an isolated example of feeling rejected within a friend group, family group, or not feeling on the same page as coworkers. If you have experienced some anxiety or difficulty around others, we can unpack those feelings with youhelp you understand them, and discuss ways to improve your experience, feel less anxious around others, and more empowered.

So why therapy? We understand there are nuances to situations and what you are feeling probably comes from a lot of different places. You are made up of the external experiences you’ve been through, as well as your own internalized thoughts. Knowing what those are can be helpful because it allows you to see yourself as complex rather than simply labeling something about yourself as a “problem”. Most times, your reasons for feeling things or acting a certain way is because you either consciously or unconsciously are trying to help yourself.

Our therapists have backgrounds in exploring various research on ways people cope with and embrace their social positions. What seems to be common when people feel excluded is seeking inclusion in other ways. Sometimes this is an act of rebellion to take a stand against a group while finding inclusion in something else. Getting tattoos, for example, is often a way to help someone find their place both within a group, and differentiating from other groups. What’s most important in this type of exploration is realizing it’s not a problem to not fit into a group.

A lot of what we work on is understanding perspective. While you may find yourself hoping a group accepts you, would it be beneficial to wonder if or why you want to be part of that group? What once seemed welcoming may pose problems for you now, and it could be empowering to decide you want to choose a different route. You have the choice to reject a group that doesn’t feel right for you.

It’s important to consider that the therapy setting itself may feel like it’s reserved for a certain type of person. The reality is: therapy is for everyone, and it is a powerful, unique experience. No two treatments are alike because what you bring to sessions defines the path of our discussions. The complexities within the sessions are what make this exploratory experience deeply personal and rewarding. The goal is always to better understand yourself.

Therapy is universal, but we know there are societal biases that reflect negatively on some people seeking therapy. One example of this is the view that therapy is mostly geared towards women. We want to help break some of the stigmas out there, such as “men seeking therapy” and create a space that feels right to you. We educate ourselves on current cultural biases, and also welcome discussion on your individual experiences with them. We customize sessions to reflect your comfort level, while also encouraging you to look at situations from ways you may not have before. Truly, therapy is your journey. This is about what you want to accomplish, what you want to talk about, and how much you want to share with others; we’d like to support you in that exploration. Contact us for an initial appointment or complimentary consultation below.

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