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TELETHERAPY is a form of video conferencing allowing our therapists to provide services to patients outside of our facility, for example at the patient’s home or workplace.

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Ever changing work or school schedules, heavy snow falls in Chicago winters, and now global pandemics don’t always allow for in person meetings, but we can use technology to help stay connected. No matter what age you are, we have all implemented technology into our lives, and technology has become one of those things that have made even therapy possible virtually. 

The therapists at Encircle are able to meet with individuals through HIPAA compliant video platforms for those who might not be able to meet in person, and during this time when meeting in person is not an option. While this flexibility is a great benefit, please note there are some limitations to TELETHERAPY which we can discuss in order to determine if this mode of therapy works for you. Additionally, most insurance companies have been covering TELETHERAPY sessions through 12/31/2020 (which might be extended), so please be sure to inquire with your insurance company about your current coverage. We are also happy to help you in determining your coverage for mental health sessions.

At this time, we are working remotely as many of you are, so the Encircle physical office is currently closed; however, when we do return, we are excited to announce that UVC lights, which are known to be 99% effective in killing viruses (including COVID-19/coronavirus), mold, and bacteria, are being installed into the HVAC system as an added safety measure. And, for those who have not yet been to our physical office, you will be happy to know we have a very spacious office where social distancing is easily achieved in the waiting area, and in the offices themselves as they are quite roomy.

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