Many of us have felt extreme sadness at some point in our lives. When the sadness becomes prolonged and interferes with our ability to function effectively, it becomes depression. It presents itself it different ways, and might feel like loss of energy or loss of interest in things you once enjoyed, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, difficulty concentrating (you might even think you have Attention Deficit Disorder), overeating or loss of appetite, feelings of loneliness, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, irritability, suicidal thoughts, or hopelessness.

The world has been in a precarious place over the last few months due to COVID, and as a result many have reported feelings of intense sadness. Depression can interfere with our ability to function – to wake up in the morning, complete tasks for work or school, enjoy time with our loved ones, or be present in our lives.  However, depression is treatable, and with therapy, we can help you lift the cloud over your head. 

Therapy is a great option to help clear the mind and learn to effectively manage symptoms of depression. We work with clients who are plagued by feelings of sadness and support them in feeling like themselves again. We will help you to work through factors contributing to low mood through building on your strengths. We can teach you skills to cope with difficult emotions and will provide you with a safe space to heal.

Many people who come to see us report feeling better after even just the first session. We believe this is because your session time is a place to release your emotions with an unbiased therapist, and leave the heavy feelings in the room so you are not carrying the weight with you. With consistent time and space to do this, you’ll notice your energy getting better, enjoying activities again, feeling refreshed after a better night’s rest, more focus, improved patience, better tolerance for frustration, and feeling more hopeful

It’s very common to have behaviors that begin to align with depressive thoughts; behaviors we might not engage in otherwise. This can look like being short with loved ones or co-workers, excessive substance use, “retail therapy”, or lack of self-care, to name a few. When we aren’t able to manage these things as well as we used to, it helps to have support around changing these behaviors rather than having someone judge us and tell us “you need to change your behavior!” If it was that easy, we would have done it already. But, depression interferes with our motivation, and even our ability, to make positive change. We can help you find a system that works specifically for you because a one size fits all model might actually set you up for failure if the method does not resonate with you. We want to help you succeed, and will meet you where you are at in your process to help you achieve your goals.

The feedback we’ve gotten from those who come to see us is that we offer a safe environment to gently challenge you toward taking steps you haven’t been able to take due to intense sadness. Our therapists are easy to talk to, so the conversations flow, making the work you’re doing less scary and more approachable. We’re happy to share more about the process of therapy with you and talk about what might work best for you. Contact us for an initial appointment or complimentary consultation below.

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