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Have you read our Relationships and Communications page, yet? Yes, that page relates to you, the Entrepreneur! The dynamics of your leadership and your team all play a part in the success of your company. And, that means in addition to marketing, app building, presenting to investors, and such, there is a need for prioritizing positive relationships with your leadership team and employees.  

Many start-up companies tend to have co-founders, which has many perks to combining two brain powerhouses, sets of skills, and sharing of the work load. However, it has many drawbacks as well that many companies discover down the road. Harvard Business School professor Noam Wasserman studied 10,000 founders for his book The Founder’s Dilemma, and his research found that 65% of startups fail as a result of co-founder conflict. That’s higher than the divorce rate (which is 40%-50%). Your company is at a 65% chance of failing. All because you and your best friend are fighting. We can help you better navigate your relationship to help set you up for success.

The relationship between co-founders is a very intimate one in that you get to know each other so well, that you know how the other works, their quirks, their habits (good ones and bad), their values, their approach to business, their personal lives, even their dog’s special diet. You know them all too well. Working with individuals and partners over the years, it has become apparent that founders and start-up employees experience the same struggles as those in romantic relationships. The thing is in a marriage if things aren’t going well, the couple will be unhappy, but might stay together. If this happened between partners in a company, the company fails – there’s no in-between.

Communication in relationships, any relationship, is of paramount importance. But, as I’m sure you can believe, it’s so incredibly hard, especially when you feel the other person is not hearing you. The therapists at Encircle can help you build effective communication skills, and help you learn how to give difficult feedback without the recipient shutting down. We can also help you define the culture of your company, choose individuals who align with your values, and help you implement the mission and culture that defines you and your company. 

Balancing the demands of being a business owner, along with now realizing that the relationships within your company need special attention, can create a lot of stress and anxiety, even depression. We can help you learn how to communicate more effectively and navigate having to manage different personalities. While this may seem like a daunting task, and just one more thing on your plate that seems unmanageable, it can be managed effectively. We can also help you determine what you are good at, and learn to delegate out what you like to do, but might not be so good at, by letting someone else manage those things to help open up space for other priorities. 

Especially when you are a new company, you may feel as though you need to do it all, which might actually be the case as newbies don’t necessarily have the resources yet for more employees. We can give you the space to explore these aspects, and feelings that arise with them, as well as help you problem solve to lift the weight of being a business owner. Contact us for an initial appointment or complimentary consultation below.

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