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An inclusive and established practice in the West Loop serving young adults navigating life transitions.

Meaningful therapy from every device


Encircle guides creative, young professionals toward reaching your best self by supporting all aspects of you that make you whole, and teaches you skills for better coping and communication. We offer knowledgeable, personable, and skilled therapists who provide you with the clarity you need to help you feel grounded, and flourish.

Meaningful therapy from every device



Health Concerns

Social Exclusion

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Grief and Loss

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Life Transition





Licensed Clinical Psychologist
CEO & Founder
Phone: 312.525.8887 ext. 1
Email: Monica@EncircleW.com
Preferred Pronouns: she/her

Licensed Professional Counselor
Phone: 312.525.8887, ext. 3
Email: Katelyn@EncircleW.com
Preferred Pronouns: she/her

Licensed Professional Counselor 
Phone: 312.525.8887 ext. 6
Email: Portia@EncircleW.com
Preferred Pronouns: she/her

Client Care Specialist
 Phone: 312.525.8887 Ext. 0
Email: Marissa@EncircleW.com
Preferred Pronouns: she/her

Why Encircle Wellness?

Encircle warmly welcomes diverse individuals from different races, gender, sexual orientations, disabilities, socioeconomic status, religions, cultures, and spiritualty.

At Encircle, we believe a circle encompass all aspects of our lives – our families, friends, work, beliefs, health, body, and mind, making us whole.  A circle is fluid and beautiful in its smooth, unbreakable presentation, but if broken, it can no longer contain its contents; therefore, we may no longer feel whole.  When one aspect of our lives is not working well, we can lose focus, and it can be hard to get unstuck.

How do we encircle all of these aspects of our lives and maintain harmony within?  The Chicago based therapists at Encircle tailor our approaches based on what you are looking to achieve, and help you find clarity to maintain balance and beauty in your life.

Many of us experience feelings of anxiety, sadness, or frustration, which can make it difficult for us to focus on our work, or personal lives.  The therapists at Encircle Wellness have experience working specifically with young adults and young professionals, and can help you to resolve negative feelings, find clarity, increase positive communication both personally and professionally, and achieve the work/life balance you desire.

We’ve worked extensively with people navigating transitions in their lives, and with goal oriented adults in particular.  We see these individuals as the ones to push innovative ideas, and lead the next wave of social and economic success – in order for your ideas to come to fruition, you will need to resolve negative feelings, communicate effectively and find clarity; we can support you in this process through validation, understanding, and guidance.

We love working with creative, young adults, and we have an understanding of the specifics of what young adults are facing.  We feel we can help you get to where you want to go in your personal and professional lives.  As you grow and change, we will grow and change with you to meet your needs.

Learn more about our Chicago therapists, and feel free to contact us to start the process toward clarity.

Meaningful therapy from every device

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