Monica Kathuria, Psy.D.


Monica Kathuria, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist 
CEO and Founder

Phone: 312.525.8887 ext. 1
Email: Monica@EncircleW.com
Preferred Pronouns: she/her

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Areas of Speciality

Life certainly has its challenges.  At times you may feel stuck, lost, misunderstood, or disconnected.  This can lead to overwhelming feelings of anxiety, sadness, and frustration.  I work with young adults and teens in various transitions in their lives who struggle with such feelings, and believe relief from such negative places is possible.

Challenges can arise throughout life, such as trying to navigate through relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and staff; or trying to establish a healthy personal or professional relationship.  Maybe you’ve just started a new job or a new business and are not sure how to manage working with different personalities.  Maybe you’ve become a new parent and you’re not sure how to manage your changed relationship with your partner, as well as figure out how to raise a child who is looking to you for guidance.  My goal is to provide a safe place for you to explore and resolve such challenges, and help you increase your quality of life.

I work towards giving you a safe place to share unspoken fears, nudging you toward addressing underlying issues and helping to resolve them.  My aim is to help you learn to communicate more effectively in your personal and professional relationships; as parents, feel more supported and better able to manage your child’s needs; and help entrepreneurs better understand how to manage and lead your team to better run successful businesses.

I will offer support, validation, and insight to help you get to your best.  As a result, you should feel understood, relieved, hopeful, and more focused.  Please feel free to contact me for a complimentary in-person, phone, or video consultation.

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