We’ve all been there: The adolescent years are tough! Feelings of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) plague the lives of many teens. FOMO is thought of as fear of regret, often leading teens to delve deep into the world of social media to try to keep up with others. Keeping up becomes a never-ending battle. While social media can be a great way for teens to express themselves and to stay in touch with friends, it can lead one down a rabbit hole. Boy, can it create a lot of drama and intensity in the home also! At Encircle, we will help you to navigate the world of social media with your teen, supporting the development of appropriate limits and boundaries. We will work with your teen, specifically, on self-exploration, identity, and building self-esteem skills also.

During adolescence, there are pressures and expectations associated with school that can become overwhelming. Some teens might even struggle with a learning disability or a focus issue, which makes the learning process even more complex. Classes can be challenging, and it can be difficult to navigate the social realm on top of academic pressures. AP classes, final exams, and the college process can feel very daunting. We at Encircle are here to support your teen in managing life stressors. We will work with your teen on goal setting, stress management, and developing healthy support systems

Extracurricular activities provide great focus for teens in conjunction with school, but it can be a balancing act for many to find their groove with both school and sport/club obligations. Through the therapeutic process, we can help your teen to master the balancing act, finding joy and success within different realms. We will support the development of executive functioning skills, assisting your teen in learning how to prioritize tasks and plan, and prepare accordingly.

Attraction and dating are undoubtedly prominent during this stage of life. Crushes can be such an exciting thing! There are school dances and organic opportunities that lead to connection between teens. Dating takes navigation, and at Encircle, we are here to be of support to both parents and teens. We can teach you how to talk with your teen about dating and can support you in setting healthy boundaries also. We will provide a safe space for your teen to delve into his or her thoughts on relationships also.

Often, teens feel unheard and/or misunderstood by their parents during the adolescent years. Teens tend to have roller coaster emotions during this stage of life. Therapy can be an excellent resource for teens to find their voice, clear their head, and improve family relationships. Through therapy, they can develop emotional regulation skills and insight into their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. They can talk through the “tough stuff” and can have the opportunity to feel heard and understood. 

Encircle therapist, Sarah Schwartz, LCSW loves working with teenagers and connects well with them. She works hard to build a trusting relationship based on support, validation, and humor. Teens describe her as funny, approachable, and genuine. She will work with your teen, building on his or her strengths, to enhance sense of self and improve overall well-being. Sarah looks forward to the opportunity to work with your teen as well as your family system.

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